What is a gothic armor…

I won’t steal Wikipedia’s fire, so I won’t simply copy paste their page…

I will just resume what ideas I find interesting in the gothic armor…

First, the name gothic… no it doesn’t mean that knights in the 15th century went to combat wearing tight black outfit and black mascara willing to bring more pain into the world (although…)

It seems the gothic armor appeared in germany, and was inspired by the architecture of cathedrals.

While the result itself is beautiful, I am most surprised to learn that it is also for functional reasons that armor crafter copied the design of church. Indeed, gothic ogives and archs must support the weight of the building and they do so by distributing the weight (along the pillars, in the case of a church). 

Gothic archs is more efficient and solid than the round roman arch. Hence the building could be built taller, and with a lighter structure. A bad analogy would be to say that gothic churches are to roman churches what an elf is to a dwarf. 

Lighter yet stronger… do you get the idea? I think the armor crafter in germany did.

Gothic armors feature ridges and other ogival forms… everything to distribute the full force of the blow of a weapon that became more common on the battlefield around that same time period. The war hammer… (ouch)


~ by Harb on June 11, 2009.

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