Taking up the gauntlet…

Ahem… First, sorry for the hiatus…

What with the work (I’ve been sent oversea), and the holidays (had fun oversea too)…

Anyway… While I was working on animating the character, I ran into a problem… The wrist…

I had not taken into account the twisting abilities of the arm and wrist, hence the armor felt all wrong…
It might be a fantasy armor, but if it does not fit, you must … ?

… work on it. Again.

And again.

Here is the latest result. Using the medieval armorcraft as guidance, I made a pair of protective gloves for the wrist only. It also allows free twisting of the wrist while maintaining protection.

I am quite happy with the result so far… maybe I could make it look more techy… adding some glowing stuff on it instead?

From WIP

~ by Harb on August 30, 2009.

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