Bullets + Blender + Bricks = Fun(?)

I tried to do a video with Blender animations and Bullet Physics middleware.

It’s… nice…

But very amateurish looking…

Animation wise it… sucks? I still have to work on that…

As for the physics dynamic it looks great. Greater than what I would have obtained if I had to manually animate each bricks myself.

But it suffer from lack of control…

First you can’t activate Bullet only when you need it. Hence the Jello effect in the beginning, as the physics engine is fighting to find an equilibrium. A button to activate deactivate physics keying would be nice.
If you could just activate it when the character hit the wall for example…

Then it produces a massive load of action keys. It almost crash blender each time I switch to IPOs or Action editor… But it would be nice to vizualise both Physics and Armature actions without freezing the software. I had a hard time coordinating the punch animation and the actual “brick falling dynamic” because of that.

Adjusting the timestep vs. frame ratio would be interesting also for slow motion things.

Well. Quite happy for now. But if you have advices to make this better, I’m listening…

… I mean I’m reading


~ by Harb on December 21, 2009.

One Response to “Bullets + Blender + Bricks = Fun(?)”

  1. There’s been some developers talking about optimizing those keyframe situations. I’m looking forward to some simplified f-curves, especially since it will make importing .bvh files and baking physics much much easier.

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