These Boots Are Made For Walking (and fighting)…

•July 5, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Didn’t sleeped much last night. Had to work on the leg/boots design. I had this crazy vision of… well… the image explains it better than me.

From WIP
From WIP

This system seems so overly complicated, yet for me it looks kind of cool…


lighting and boots… (not boobs…)

•July 4, 2009 • 2 Comments

More like an evolution of the previous picture. But I added some more details to the leg and boots part.

Trying to depart from the traditional armor and searching for an original look too… hybrid between the functional but slightly boring armor and the anime/manga cool but often unpractical armors…

From WIP

Working with the light…

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…also reworked the texture of the armor. Got a nice metallic effect now…

People often disregard the need for proper lighting. Even the greatest model will look like crap if it is badly illuminated (just have a look at Doom3, revolutionary game engine… nice monsters models, great space base environment, but the game was so darn dark you couldn’t tell the difference anyway…)

All this to say : “Still not happy with the current light rig. So there.”

From WIP

The eyes

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Working on the eyes.

The face

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Rendering with Subsurface Scattered shader for the skin.

Texture has been worked further.

Photo texturing

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Added some photo texturing to the face.

The texture is not finished yet, still a lot to do before it fits nicely… (still some problems with skin color homogeneity)

This is how it look in real time display (no shading, just raw texture on mesh)

But it was a nice break from the armor modelling… tackling with other problems… finding different solutions and so on…

Why pinkish plasma?

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Why did I choose to color the plasma in this pinkish color?
Well it seems like a lot of real life plasma devices show a bright pink/purple colored gas….